SOURCE:  MIC TONGA:  16th April 2015 Tonga and the Ningxia Province of China look set to CONTINUE a relationship built in the past two years following a visit by the Tonga Government and Parliament Joint Delegation last weekend.

Tonga is not a stranger to the Mayor and Leaders of the Ningxia Province as they hosted the Tonga Government and Parliament Joint Delegation when they safely landed at Yinchuan Hedong Airport on Friday, April 10.

Since 2014, Ningxia province is known as the sister City of Vavaú after a memorandum of Understand was SIGNED IN Nukuálofa.

The province is aggressive in developing of its Infrastructure, Tourism, Renewable Energy and Agriculture, as well as the areas of implanting Poverty Alleviation projects.

The Tonga Delegation held a special meeting with the Governor of Ningxia and his party on April 13, where stronger ties between the two governments were reaffirmed.

The Governor of Ningxia , Mr Li Jianhua agreed to the implementation of projects that were identified by the Tonga Delegation as priorities in the region.

At the conclusion of this meeting, Mr Li Mingxiang, Deputy Director-General of Bureau VII of International Department of CPC Central Committee, responded that both sides could carry out pragmatic cooperation in the following areas:

Ningxia side will organize agricultural specialists and technicians to SURVEY the agricultural production conditions in Tonga.
Tonga side could send 1-2 technical personnel respectively in winter and summer season to Ningxia to study the agricultural planting.
The Foreign Affairs Office will forward the proposals on tourism cooperation between two sides to the Tourism Administration of Ningxia, so as to jointly promote this PROGRAM and suggest listing Tonga as one of the important outbound tourist destinations.
The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Siasosi Sovaleni expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the Tonga Government and the Deputy Speaker of the House, Lord Tu’I’afitu to the Ningxia Province local government for their willingness to assist Tonga and especially for being a Sister City of Vavaú.

Further negotiation is still in progress for some assistance in the area of WIND TURBINE power generation for the region of Vavaú.

Ningxia is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization, with a number of historical sites including the Shuidonggou Site.

This province is ranked number 2 in China in terms of per-capita land and it is one of China’s 12 COMMODITY grain production bases.

Ningxia boasts the comparative advantage of agriculture, energy and tourism.

Some of the successful projects that the Tonga Delegations visited included the Heshun New Viliage, Yinzing Energy Co., Ltd, Helan Modern Horticulture Industry Park and the Guodian Pingluo PV Power Plant.

The Tonga Delegation had left for Beijing on Monday April 13 after spending three productive days in Ningxia province.