Lawyer Nalesoni Tupou clarifies MP Jenny Salesa’s facts


Dear Madam,

1. I refer you to the abovementioned matters.

2. I refer to your announcement on the meeting on Tuesday night 2nd of August at Lotofale’ia with the Prime Minister of Tonga about questions of people who have been unlawful in this country.

3. I do acknowledge that at one time or another it was the Labour Party who, in 1974 grant a total amnesty to unlawful Tongans in New Zealand. At other times there have never been any full amnesty since 1974 although they have been policies of permitting unlawful Tongans to be lawful in New Zealand.

4. The last incident of Tongans receiving such favourable consideration was in 2005 whereby there were limited opportunities for Tongans who were unlawful in New Zealand to rectify their circumstances and become lawful residents of New Zealand.

5. I do acknowledge that the Labour Party many many years ago did gave some degree of leniencies to unlawful Tongans in New Zealand but the Labour Party in 2016 is not the same as the one many many years ago. The Labour Party at present no longer has the great interest of the Pacific people or the Tongans in New Zealand for that matter.

6. For example, the program known as ‘Amanaki Too Noa commenced in April 2012 and concluded in July 2015. You have been a Member of Parliament for some time and I invited you on many occasions to the monthly meeting of the ‘Amanaki Too Noa. Out of the many many meetings that I had with the Tongans who were unlawfully in New Zealand, you attended only two meetings and on both occasions you announced the proposed Labour Party policy on Immigration matters. Nothing further was said by the Labour Party about these Tongan over-stayers.

7. In addition, I personally delivered my submissions to the Office of the Hon. Minister of Immigration to your good friend, Salote Lilo to be given to you in person together with my letter inviting you to make direct representation to the Office of the Hon. Minister of Immigration about Tongans who have been unlawfully in this country.

8. Na’a ku ‘oange hangatonu ‘a e tatau ‘o ‘eku tohi Tangi ki he ‘ofisi koia ‘o e ‘Eiki Minister ‘o e Immigration ‘a Nu’usila, pea na’e fe’unga ‘eku ngaahi naunau mo e Tangi koia ‘o laka hake ‘i he peesi ‘e 150 tupu pea na’a ku ‘oatu ‘a e tatau koia kia Salote Lilo ke ‘oatu kiate koe mo e kole mo e tautapa kiate koe keke ‘alu hangatonu ‘o fai ha kole ki he ‘Eiki Minisita ‘o e Immigration ‘o Nu’usila.

9. Na’a ku toe ma’u ‘a e tali meia Salote Lilo ‘oku ke talaange kiai ‘oku ‘ikai teke lava ‘e koe ia ‘o fai ha kole ki he Pule’anga pe koe Minisita ‘o e Immigration ke ‘omai ha faingamalie ‘o e kakai nofo ta’efakalao.

10. Ko e me’a ‘oku ou kole keke ‘ilo’i na’e ‘iai pe ho’o totonu koe’uhi koe tokotaha Fakafofonga Falealea koe keke tukituki pea ke kole pea ‘e fakaava pea ‘e ‘omai ‘a e taimi mo e ‘aho keke ‘oatu ai ‘a e le’o ‘o e kakai nofo ta’efakalao ki he Pule’anga neongo ‘oku ke kau ‘i he faha’i Labour, ka ‘oku ‘iai ‘a e totonu ‘o e tokotaha Fakafofonga Falealea kene fai ‘a e Tangi koia.

11. Na’a ku toe ‘ave ‘eku tohi Tangi tatau pe ki he ‘Eiki Minisita Immigration ki ho’omou taki kia Andrew Little mo e kole kiate ia fakataha mo ‘eku tatau ‘o ‘eku ngaahi tohi Tangi ‘a ena na’a ku fakaha atu ‘i ‘olunga ke fai ha’ane tukituki hangatonu mo ha’ane kole fekau’aki moe Tangi koia ‘a e kakai nofo ta’efakalao ki he Pule’anga lolotonga. Na’e fakaha mai mei ai ‘oku ‘ikai kene lava ‘o fai ‘a e kole koia na’a ku fai koia.

12. Na’a ku toe fai pea moe kole hangatonu ‘o ‘ave ‘a e tatau ‘o ‘eku ngaahi tohi Tangi koia ki he ‘Eiki Minisita ‘o e Immigration kia Sam Lotu-liga, ‘a e Fakafofonga National koia ‘o e vahenga Maungakiekie pea na’a ne talamai kiate au ‘e fai ‘a e tukituki ki he ‘ofisi koia ‘oe ‘Eiki Minisita ‘o e Immigration.

13. ‘Aia koe nounou ‘oe talanoa – koe tu’o ua pe ho’o lava mai ki he fakataha ko’eni pea na’e ‘ikai ke ‘iai ha’o fokotu’u ‘au ‘e ‘aonga. Na’e fai ‘a e kole kiate koe keke fai ‘a e fakafofonga’i ‘a e kakai nofo ta’efakalao ko’eni ki he Pule’anga Nu’usila pea na’e ‘ikai keke loto pea na’e ‘ikai keke fai ‘e koe ‘a e kole koia.

14. Na’a ku fakaafe’i ma’u pe koe ‘i he mahina kotoa pe ‘o laka hake ‘i he ta’u ‘e taha, ‘aia koe fakaafe’i ia ‘e 12 kiate koe keke lava mai ki he fakataha koia ‘a e kau nofo ta’efakalao mo e ‘Amanaki Too Noa pea na’e ‘ikai keke ha’u kiai he na’a ke mo’ua ‘i he taimi ‘e ni’ihi pea ke fakaha mai ‘oku hoko ‘a e ‘aho Tokonaki ko e ‘aho Sapate ia kiate koe pea ke toe fakaha mai ‘oku ke mo’ua koe he ngaahi me’a faka-famili.

15. Koe ‘uhinga ‘eku ‘oatu ‘a e ngaahi fakamatala ko’eni koe’uhi, ke fakama’ala’ala ‘a e fakamatala koia na’a ke fai ‘i he fakataha koia na’a ke fai moe ‘Eiki Palemia ‘o Tonga he Tusite ‘aho 2 ‘o Aokosi pea teu ‘ave ‘a e tatau ‘o e tohi ko’eni ki he ‘Eiki Palemia moe Pule’anga ‘o Tonga pea pehe ki ho’omou taki kia Andrew Little pea pehe ki he Sekelitali koia ‘a e New Zealand Labour Party moe kau faiongoongo Tonga kotoa pe kenau me’a’i ‘a e totonu moe mo’oni ‘o e anga ‘o e fefiohi ‘a e kakai nofo ta’efakalao mo e faha’i Labour ‘o Nu’usila.

16. Kapau ‘oku ‘iai ha me’a ‘oku ke pehe ‘oku totonu keke fakatonutonu mai he fakamatala ko’eni pea ‘oku ou kole atu keke ‘omai kiate au koe’uhi ke tokoni ki he’etau vahevahe koeni ‘o e kaveinga ‘o e faingata’a’ia mo e tangi mei he ate ‘a e kakai nofo ta’efakalao mei Tonga ‘i Nu’usila

Faka’apa’apa atu,

Nalesoni Tupou