Parliament was closed yesterday (Day 2) pending submission of the PM’s reply to the letter for the VONC by 10 MPs (7 Noble MPs & 3 People’s MPs) which was read on Monday 20/02/17.
Today the House will reconvene at 2p.m. while the Select Committee vet the PM’s letter of reply and supporting videos…. May I should try and get these videos to be uploaded here so while they are watching in the House this afternoon we also what them on Fb ee? So we know what they are deliberating about!!
While the House closed yesterday, the Country was in a state of UPROAR after a letter supposedly signed by the PM and sent to the Communist Party in China. See details of the letter below and also response by the PM’s Office in a press release confirming that the letter is FAKE.
The question is: Are the Nobles and their supporters so desperate to work up the country to a state of uproar to defame the PM and also disrupt the country while we are in mourning with our Queen Mother’s passing away yesterday?
I recall in 2015 after the appointment of the PM in January 2015, he has strongly started the investigation of the passports that were illegally sold whilst Lord Tu’ivakano was PM. A few weeks later, the PM’s house was torched to the ground while he was in NZ with the First Lady on a medical trip. Luckily no one was not hurt.
The riots in 2006 was happened when the Gov’t then majority were nobles refuses to sit in Parliament to discuss the Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Political reform.
Currently, we PSA & the PM in his capacity as an MP for the people are suing the former Gov’t for unlawful payment of T$50m to Tongasat. This case started in 2014 and the Court of Appeal ruled around October 2015 that there is a case and hearing should start. Hopefully this case will be heard this year.
But the point is, it seems that there are too many problems caused by the Nobles. Is it their insecurities or they just want more power? If the Nobles causes so much problems that will not be good for the future of our children and Tonga? Do we still want this minority in our System or not? Something for the people to seriously think about!!!
Kaekehe, lets wait for 2pm!