Dr. Langa’oi or PM to blame for Tonga Media unhappy with level of government transparency


Radio NZ reports that some Tongan media are unhappy with level of govt transparency.
The Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Secretary in Tonga have come under fire from the media for supposedly lacking transparency and good governance.

Radio NZ also highlighted a number of Tongan media outlets have expressed concern about the lack of cooperation they receive from the Chief Secretary Palenitia Langa’oi and others at the office.

The media operators and a publisher who worked for the government until a few weeks ago, have also expressed dissatisfaction at the way the Prime Minister’s Office and the secretary operate.

“This is the government that promised transparency from the first day and this is the government that says we want to talk to media, we want media to talk to us. We want to be transparent. We adhere to good governance and it is this government that has become far less transparent than previous governments”, Tonga Media Council’s Pesi Fonua says.  He also said that things have slightly improved compared to previous government,
“…but still the problem now is that they answer it but you can’t rely on their answers. Whereas before there was just nothing coming out. Now there is something coming out from the office but you can’t trust it.”

PM’s media advisor Kalafi Moala told Radio NZ, the Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva is not to blame, but the processes of the past and leadership of chief secretary Dr Langa’oi should be looked at.