A dozen from the Tokaikolo Christian Church stepped out of their comfort zone and fiercely attacked what the Fakaleiti was trying to achieve in the Island Kingdom of Tonga this week.  An international conference for the “Fakaleiti” was held in Nuku’alofa  starting from Monday 11th May and ends today Thursday 14th.  Amongst those who attended the conference were Doctors, Church Ministers and lawyers from overseas.  They all came to Tonga with one primary objective and that is to help gay people have a voice for gender equality.

This push of gender equality did not go down well with some Tongans.  A banner from the Tokaikolo Church blatantly read:  “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WITH YOUR IMMORALITY TONGA DO NOT WANT YOU EVIL PEOPLE” with a few bible verses at the bottom of the banner.  The banner was displayed not far from where the conference was held.  TNEWS was informed some people protested opposite the conference venue, and shouted out “Go to Hell, evil people”. President of the Fakafafine Joe Mataele told Nepituno, that he’s shocked and appalled at how the people that profess to be Christians behave in such manner.

Although, there was strong opposition, It was also reported not all Tongans were upset.

Princess Mata O Taone Tuku’aho Junior wrote on her facebook page saying:

“There are so many IMPORTANT ISSUES in the world, let alone our country that needs urgent addressing, such as global warming, drug abuse/trafficking, human trafficking, domestic violence, poverty, corruption, the list is endless and this is what we concentrate on today in Tonga? Such hatred against people who aren’t even committing a crime! A waste of space, so sad for people with such judgmental, narrow minded beliefs…. “Let the first man without sin cast the first stone.”

Fasi Faletau on his facebook page:

“You go through all that teasing in school throughout your childhood of ‘You don’t belong’. You grow up with negative people telling you that being You is wrong. The bible is mentioned by hypocrites and you’re the first to be cast aside. You go through a period of changes trying to identify WHO YOU ARE! Some make it and some quit along the way taking their own lives… Now you tell me, Is this a human thing to do to someone who is different? There is nothing wrong with anyone!” 

TNEWS understands, that although it is illegal for Gays to marry in Tonga, some have already come to New Zealand and married here.  The question being asked is that, if these married gay couples decided to go back to Tonga, would the government allow them to enter the country and live together as a recognised married couple?