Disclaimer and Warning for Public and Recipients of spooipohiva@gmail.com


MEDIA RELEASE (21 February 2015)

The Office of the Prime Minister warns the public, and in particular the recipients of the above- mentioned email address, that a contemptible act has been found to have used the above email address in circulating uncertified, wrongful, disrespectful and unacceptable allegations against the Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary for Cabinet, Mr „AholotuPalu.

It is in fact Mr. Siosiua Po‟oi Pohiva has no email account at Gmail, as mentioned above, instead he only has an email account with the YAHOO, which is spooipohiva@yahoo.com.

Mr. Siosiua Po’oi Pohiva has also written a letter, alerting the public of his non-involvement in any allegations whatsoever, which seems to have stated on this unauthorized and faked email account. (spooipohiva@gmail.com)

With this in mind, it is believed the intention was to jeopardize the working relationships between Po’oi Pohiva, Prime Minister’s PA, and the Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary for Cabinet, ‘Aholotu Palu.

It should be also noted this hateful act is an insult against the persistent effort and ability of the Hon. Prime Minister and his new government in the pursuit of their vision.