Joint Press Conference between the New Zealand Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and Hon. Prime Minister of Tonga


MEDIA RELEASE (19 February 2015)

Straight after the official meeting between the Honorable Prime Minister, Hon. Samuela „Akilisi Pohiva, and the New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hon. Murray McCully, on Monday the 16th of February 2015, they jointly faced the media for a press conference.

The Hon. Prime Minister announced their discussions focused on some economic reports where some good policies were being proposed but never implemented.
When questioned about the issues faced by MA60, the Hon. Prime Minister stated that “his government is stuck in the middle”. He has met with the Chinese Ambassador and the New Zealand High Commissioner in regards to the issues concerned and requested their kindness to sort it out.

The New Zealand Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hon. Murray McCully, congratulated the appointment of Hon. Samuela „Akilisi Pohiva as Prime Minister and his newly elected government. Reaffirming the good relations between New Zealand and Tonga, Hon. McCully asserted that the New Zealand Government will continue to work closely with the Tongan Government to uphold and promote such good relations.

Hon. McCully also brought a team from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on his Official tour of government business to Tonga. The team would meet and discuss with local officials concerning issues of great importance to economic and development in Tonga. Such proposals would include new projects and/or changes under the auspices of this new government.

Another matter of significance was Hon. McCully‟s acknowledgement of the gratefulness of his government for the support of the Pacific Island Nation States, including Tonga, in enabling New Zealand to take up a seat at the UNSC.