“And these NOBLEs march against CEDAW in fear of loosing THEIR LAND & TITLES” – Mele ‘Amanaki


Tonga’s PSA Secretary General Ms. Mele ‘Amanaki questions the motive of the nobles that joined forces with some church leaders leading the march against CEDAW, raising her eyebrows for what she describes as are they in fear of loosing THEIR LAND & TITLES?
She went on to say that years ago, a time when her two brothers and herself were still in high school, her father during one of their family prayers said  “DON’T WORRY MY CHILDREN, YOUR LAND IS IN HEAVEN AND UP HERE (and he pointed to the right side of his temple)”.  She claimed her father had said this because he had no land from his father’s side as he was not the eldest,  and he was committed to work for the Church.
“These Nobles are MPs,  and cannot wait to tell us their votes?” she said.  “Time to change our laws for the people to elect our Nobles! And for women to be able to get the noble titles too!!! …. Queen Salote did an excellent job as QUEEN! What’s their problem?”