It’s a new year and a new service for TNEWS.  Our personal candid cameras could be anywhere, anytime especially at an unexpected time.  And because it is a candid camera, we will not reveal their true identities.

So far, our cameras turned up to a New year Church service and feast in Mangere, Auckland.  Our cameras caught one woman who turned up with her husband and daughter not to the service, but to the feast. Each had a plastic bag.  The mother hid her plastic bag in her long big ta’ovala, the husband hid his in the right hand side of his long black pants and the daughter hid hers in one pocket of her grey jacket.  The parents are probably in their 40s and daughter in her early teens.

The trio turned up in their dark blue 4WD, parked and walked straight down to the hall where the reception was held (the church hall).  As soon as they got into the hall they quietly talked to each other and then spread out and sat at three different tables.

Our candid cameras caught them just before the feast, the mother looked around, pulled out the plastic bag, put it in between her legs under the table and started to fill it up with food. The father and daughter did the same thing. The owner of the table where the mother was noticed what the woman was doing.  It was that bad, that the owner approached the mother and told her to stop “Fa’o” until the food is blessed.  She went on to say, that the food is prepared for the people to have, not to “fa’o”.  The mother, looked embarrassed and stopped but as soon as the “Kaipola” finished, the mother continued to “fa’o non stop”.  In the mean time, the Father and Daughter did the same thing and their bags were all full as well.

Quickly TNEWS Cameras went outside to see what happened to the Trio after the Kaipola.  Sure enough, they came out one by one.  The father came out first, opened the 4WD, put his bag of food inside and then went and sat at the Driver’s seat.  As soon as he sat down, he looked around and then made a head signal towards the hall and not long the Daughter came out with her bag full of food.  The bag was so heavy that the teen seemed to struggle carrying it however, she managed to get to the 4WD.  Not long, the mother walked out with her bag and a big heavy plastic bag full of food from the Kaipola.  She opened the back door of the 4WD, threw the bag inside, and then had a big sigh. She then walked up to the front of the vehicle and sat at the front passenger seat and they took off.

This week’s ‘shopping’ was done!

TNEWS, did some investigations about this trio family.  What we gathered from family and friends, was that, this family has never done meat shopping for years.  We asked them whether they are vegetarians?  They said NO!  “This is what they do week after week after week.  They would glue their ears to the radio or tv with pen and papers, waiting for events announcement to write them down…..”. Close friends of the family said,  “Every week, they would go to these events whether they are related to the host family or not, they just turned up pretending to be one of the relatives or invited guests….”,  however, the ultimate reason of their going was to fill up their freezers with meat.  .